Sunday, June 24, 2007

Finally Something Interesting from Gregory Brown

Continuing on a theme, Gregory Brown actually has a nice tutorial called How to Build Simple Console Apps with Ruby and ActiveRecord, although I confess I have no idea what his opening sentences even mean:
If you're coming into Ruby via Rails, you've probably noticed that there is a whole lot to learn within the framework itself. In fact, the integration between Rails (the framework) and Ruby (the programming language) is so tight, that it might be tough to easily see where Rails ends and Ruby begins. In terms of productivity and learning curve, this is a great feature. It means that you can learn both at once without encountering the chicken and egg problem you might find elsewhere.

So Struts (the framework) and Java (the language) is not so tightly integrated? And Django (the framework) and Python (the language) are not so tightly integrated? And this is a feature?. I'm confused.

Maybe this is like the "Red Hat Linux" phenomenon where folks thought Linux was RedHat and RedHat was Linux.