Monday, September 24, 2007

Interesting Bruce Tate Podcast

I listened to Robert Stephenson's interview with Bruce Tate while washing dishes tonight and it was certainly a treat and certainly kept my mind occupied while cleaning up the minestrone remnants:

Among the highlights:

  • How development in Rails (and I would add comparable frameworks such as Django) allows smaller teams to communicate more effectively (and frequently) with clients than would be possible with "traditional" languages such a Java.
  • The high correlation between offshoring/outsourcing and traditional (waterfall) development models (if you outsource something you have to be more rigorous in the your specification, your unit testing, integration, etc.)
  • Lots of talk about JRuby and positing that much of the work we do is essentially scripting. Use of JRuby with Business Rules Engines/DSLs (such as Drools) which is something I've wanted to play around with yet. As well as using a Java scripting languages to access cool APIs.

Check it out...

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