Monday, March 3, 2008

Yeah, I'd Give Greg Brown Sixty Bucks

And I'm not being sarcastic, either. Maybe it would just be a vicarious pleasure because with 3 kids, a year oold Honda Minivan and overpriced Skokie house there is no way in hell I could live on $2000/month. Or maybe because there's a bunch of cool Python (non-web) libraries that should be ported to Ruby. If I'm willing to give Obama $50 I'm certainly willing to give Greg Brown $60 To work on Open Source

I find myself in a rather unique situation: Single, living alone in a small studio apartment, only taking a class or two here and there, and basically living off of small contracts. It’s not that I’m not offered big gigs, or that I couldn’t go back to school full time if I really wanted to, I just find I enjoy living a simple lifestyle that lets me spend a lot of time on community oriented projects, especially Ruby stuff.


Gregory Brown said...

Hey, that's nice to hear. If you'd like to do that, you can now:

I've changed the block size to $50, but any donation amount is welcome.

I've also put together a more organized proposal than my O'Reilly blog post, at:

Despite your poking fun at me from time to time, I totally respect anyone who's working hard to maintain a family lifestyle, that stuff is not easy at all these days.


Matt Franz said...


Good deal. I don't poke fun anymore. Too exhausted, plus I got over most of my Python-isms after 3-4 months so not so Angry anymore. Especially since Ruby is so much better than the shell scripts I was rewriting -- or Perl!